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The world's first all-plastic LED lamp developed by two Japanese companies


It's reported that the world's first all-plastic LED lamp for outdoor illumination is jointly developed by two Japanese companies, Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd. and Teijin Limited. Iwasaki Electric will release this new lamp by the end of 2010, expecting initial annual sales of 30,000 lamps.

Instead of aluminum, the lamp uses a high-thermal-conductivity resin for the housing. And the resin is made by combining Teijin's Raheama£¨tm£© high-thermal-conductivity carbon material with polycarbonate resin.

The new lamp weighs just 300 grams. The challenge has been to develop a resin that can dissipate sufficient heat while enabling a lower-weight product. It lasts 40,000 hours, comes in a warm-colored 3,000K  model, and a white 6,500K  version.


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